Masonic Gloves

TrueMasons sell the original white masonic gloves used by the masonic fraternity. These are made out of cotton or polyester, with three stripes commonly found on the back side of the glove. They are worn during ceremonies and rituals. Newly-initiated candidates are presented with a leather apron, but also with 2 pairs of white masonic gloves. They are intended to teach him that the acts of masons should be pure and spotless. One pair of masonic gloves he must give to his wife. Masonic gloves can be plain white, but some masons like them with a fancy machine embroidered symbol. In our store we have the regular Square and Compass Gloves, in the colors red or blue. These colors are commonly used in The Netherlands. Some lodges require the masons to use masonic gloves with a button on the back. In our store you can find masonic gloves with and without buttons, made out of cotton or polyester. The material of most of our masonic gloves is cotton. This is because the cotton version is worn most in The Netherlands. Thick layers of cotton are added in order to prevent the skin from shining through. But it's still light enough to be breathable. Low quality masonic gloves can be identified by thin layers of cotton or polyester, insufficient to cover the color of the skin.

If you are looking for specific symbolic gloves like the Shriner Gloves or Royal Arch Gloves, we have those as well. Masonic Leather Gloves are also quite common. TrueMasons offer Masonic Leather Gloves with a golden square and compass embroidered. We also do requests! Feel free to leave us a message.