Masonic Gloves with Red Square and Compass


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Masonic Gloves with Red Square and Compass

These are the original white formal gloves used by the masonic fraternity, embroidered with a red square and compass symbol. Take a closer look at the symbol and you'll see that it's made of really high quality.

Masonic gloves with red square and compass are used a lot in The Netherlands. They are certainly more interesting than just normal white gloves, but not everyone wants to get that fancy. The blue square and compass is also frequently used. If you're looking for that one take a look at our gloves collection.

Some lodges require the masons to use masonic gloves with a button on the back and some don't. This variant is without a button on the back. We also have the one with button in our store. 

The material of this masonic gloves with red square and compass is cotton. Thick layers of cotton is added in order to prevent the skin from shining through. But it's still light enough to breathable. Low quality masonic gloves can be identified by thin layers of cotton or polyester, insufficient to cover the color of the skin.

If you're not looking for a red square and compass on the masonic gloves, but a blue one, take a look at rest of our collection. 

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